Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher :-
Location :- New York, NY, USA.
New York Jobs – USA Jobs – February 2021.

Senior Researcher

We seek outstanding applicants for full-time researcher positions at Microsoft Research NYC. We are hiring in the areas of Computational Social Science; Economics and Computation and Microeconomics; Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI (FATE); and Systems. We seek junior as well as more experienced applicants, with the passion and ability to craft and pursue an independent research program. We encourage candidates with both theoretical and applied interests to apply.

Microsoft Research NYC offers an exhilarating and supportive environment for cutting-edge research, both theoretical and applied, with access to an extraordinary diversity of big and small data sources, an open publications policy, and close links to top academic institutions around the world. We are particularly proud of the interdisciplinary work that MSR-NYC has been able to foster, and welcome applications from those interested in working across disciplines. For more information on the lab’s members and their interests, see the lab’s webpage.

As a community, we are committed to building an inclusive, diverse, and pluralistic research environment. We work collectively to make MSR a welcoming and conducive space for all researchers.

To be assured of full consideration, all application materials, including reference letters, need to be received by December 1, 2019. Applications received after that date may or may not be considered.

A complete application packet should include:
• A cover letter, indicating the focus area(s) the applicant is relevant to, and emphasizing potential connections and synergies with the lab. 1-2 paragraphs usually suffice.
• CV, which lists all peer-reviewed publications.
• At least 3 reference letters (typically, one will be from your dissertation advisor)
• Research statement (approximately 3-4 pages) that outlines your research achievements and agenda.
• 2 writing samples: conference or journal articles, book chapters, etc., that you are most proud of and which best demonstrate your expertise.

To get started with your application, press the “Apply now” button above. When prompted, provide names and contact information of your references. Upload your cover letter, research statement and the two writing samples as separate attachments. Remember to press the “Submit” button at the last screen.

After you submit your application, the system will send a request for letters to your list of referees on your behalf. Note: The application system will not request reference letters until after you have submitted your application. You may wish to alert your letter writers in advance so that they will be ready to submit your letter by our application deadline of December 1, 2019. While you will not be able to view the letters themselves, you can check the status of individual reference requests within your application.

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